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The rooms of Vecchio Asilo Bedroom

Rooms of Vecchio Asilo

The accommodation is in the northern wing of the home/workshop, divided into two independent spaces each with a private bathroom: La Finestra sul Cortile and Camera con Vista.

La Finestra sul Cortile – the Rear Window
The room looks out discreetly onto the garden. There is ample space and it is bright and comfortable. The century-old beams and the flames from the fire bring warmth to the cosy atmosphere. A small library gives guests a chance to relax and meditate.

Camera con Vista – A Room with a View
The open windows frame the roofs of Ameno, the botanical garden of Monte Oro, and beyond, the farms along the hillside. The painted brickwork accompanies guests throughout the room.

Each room, in addition to maintaining the architectural characteristics and peculiarities of this historic property has everything you need for an afternoon tea and all the necessary comforts for a relaxing and enjoyable stay including Wi-Fi for internet access.

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